Heavyweight Non-Tip Dishes

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Heavyweight Non-Tip Dishes

Is your pup an enthusiastic eater? Dives into his food with a gusto reserved only for dinner and serious play sessions? Is dinner a major clean up event with spilled food all over the kitchen? The Heavyweight Non-Tip Dishes may be the answer to your frustrations! The heavy duty 14/4 stainless steel and rubber bottom helps hold the dish in place while the slanted sides and wide bottom make it virtually impossible to tip it over!

  • Made from heavy duty 14/4 stainless steel that is resistant to scratching, denting and rust
  • 14/4 Stainless-Steel (14% Chrome/4% Nickel); Rubber base
  • Available in six sizes so pick the perfect on for your dogs dinner and then pick one a size or two up for their water!
  • Dishwasher safe!

Heavyweight Non-Tip Dishes Size Chart
Size Diameter/Height Capacity
Extra Small 5 1/2" x 2" 16 ounces  (2 cups)
Small 6" x  2" 24 ounces  (3 cups)
Medium 6.5" x 2 1/8" 32 ounces  (4 cups)
Large 8" x 3" 47 ounces  (8 cups)
Extra Large 9"x 3.5" 85 ounces  (12 cups)
XXL 9.5 x 2" 160 ounces (20 cups)

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