Bindaboo Hallway Style Pet Gate

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Bindaboo Hallway Style Pet Gate

Do you have a wider then normal door or hallway you would like to close off from your dog? Maybe French Doors into the living room or a sliding glass door onto the deck? Most gates don't fit these extra wide openings but the Hallway Style Pet Gate is made for these difficult to fit situations! On its own, the gate is perfect for openings 38' to 42.5' inches with 2.25' of spacing between each bar.

Need more length? add a 3.5', 7', 10.5', 14' ,17.5', 21' ,24.5', 39' inch widths to a maximum of width of 121'! Perfect fit for those hard to fit openings!

  • One-handed operation!
  • Never worry about accidentally leaving the gate open - the Hallway Style Pet Gate closes shut automatically!
  • ASTM F1004-07 compliant means this gate is safe and suitable for use around babies and toddlers as well!

Bindaboo Hallway Style Pet Gate Size Chart
Size Fits Spaces Of Height Bar Spacing
Standard 38' to 63.5' 29.5' 2.25'

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