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Brake Fast Bowl - Oh My Dog Supply
Brake Fast Bowl - Oh My Dog Supply
Brake Fast Bowl - Oh My Dog Supply
Brake Fast Bowl - Oh My Dog Supply

Brake Fast Bowl

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This bowl may look like the latest piece in your children's Lego building set but its not - it is the latest and greatest invention to help slow down even the fastest eating pooch! The Brake Fast Bowl has three Lego like knobs in the center of the dish which makes it impossible for your dog to gulp down his kibble. The slick bottom (which intentionally makes the bowl slide along the floor) slows them down some more - who can eat fast or enthusiastically when their dinner plate is flying across the room.  For fast and enthusiastic eaters, the Brake Fast Bowl is the speed bump they need to slow down and enjoy their meal! 

  • Some deep chested breeds are prone to Gastric Dilation-Volvulus more commonly known as 'bloat' or 'torsion'. Eating too quickly is a major factor in this condition. The Brake Fast Bowl slows them down, helping to prevent this life-threatening condition!
  • The Brake Fast Bowl comes in a brilliant sky blue and holds five cups of kibble - perfect for every medium to large sized dog!
  • The slick bottom keeps food on the go - the more aggressively your pooch attacks his dinner, the more it slides away from him!
  • The wide bottom prevents flipping and spills
  • Made from durable plastic and is both microwave and dishwasher safe



Brake Fast Bowl Size Chart
Size Bowl Capacity
Small (inside dimensions 5 1/2' x 1 1/2') 1.5 Cups
Medium (inside dimensions 7' x 2 1/4') 5 cups
Large (inside dimensions 9 1/2' x 2 15/16') 8 Cups

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