Deluxe SUV Dog Mat

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Deluxe SUV Dog Mat

Just because the back seat of your SUV folds down to make room for the family pet doesn't mean that this is a comfortable ride for Rover. With the Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner, you accomplish two feats at once. First, you make the ride in the back seat of your car a much more comfortable ride for your pet, but second and almost as important, you place a barrier between the hair and odor left behind by your dog and the back seat itself.

    • Nine fastening points make the Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner solidly stable.
    • The material is soft and padded for your dog's comfort.
    • Tough against wear and tear for your reassurance.
    • Cargo liner is machine washable.
    • Also treated with Stain-Block.
    • Comes with one year warranty. 


Deluxe SUV Dog Mat Size Chart
Size Length Width Weight
Fits All 52' 50' 3.3 Lbs

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