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Elk Antler Chews - Oh My Dog Supply

Elk Antler Chews

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Dogs will love the all-natural qualities of our Elk Antler Chews. Freshest of the fresh! Elk naturally shed their antlers yearly, leaving behind a tough, healthy treat dogs will love.These top-quality dog chews are fresh and long lasting—they don't have a soft interior, like bones. Sanded to remove sharp edges.

  • Elk Antlers are the second hardest chew (just after moose chews).
  • Aromatic to dogs, yet odorless to humans.
  • Hypo-allergenic treats that help provide high levels of protein, are a great source of calcium and minerals.
  • May have regenerative effects on joint cartilage, aid in kidney function, improve wound healing, enrich pet coats.
  • These top-quality antlers are much less likely to splinter than bones and lesser-quality antlers. 
  • Help remove plaque and tartar through chewing.

 Please note: Supervision of your pet is advised. Not intended for human consumption.

Sizes will vary due to the product being a natural animal by-product; the size of the animal has direct bearing on the size of the antler.



For Dogs



10-20 lbs

2" – 3"


20-40 lbs

4" – 5"


40-70 lbs

6" – 7"


70-100 lbs

8" – 9"


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