Malindi Tribal Dog Collar

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Malindi Tribal Dog Collar

The Malindi Tribal Dog Collar contrasts the brown earth tone along with bright pinks and blues to give your dog a little pop. These hand sewn dog collars are made by Maasai 'mamas' as a way to earn a living while working from their rural homes. The beading is done on leather and each collar design is a unique work of art, as no two are exactly alike.

**SIZING: For purchasing collars, we ask that you measure your pets neck and order based on the exact measurement plus one inch. The collar is measured to fit your pet using the middle hole on the collar as the beading shows up best when it is centered. The lengths reflect the measurement from the end of the leather at the buckle to the center hole.

  • Available in 4 widths - 1/2', 3/4', 1' and 2'
  • Lengths from 8' to 28'
  • Solid brass, hand cast buckles for durability

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