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Mason Tin Dog Food Storage
Mason Tin Dog Food Storage
Mason Tin Dog Food Storage

Mason Tin Dog Food Storage

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If you are tired of getting your hands dirty digging into bags of stale dog food to feed your pet, you need the Mason Tin for Dog Food Storage.Available in three sizes and two colors, the tins meet your spatial and design needs. This steel can is durable and food-safe, covered with tin and FDA approved. Additional features include:

  • Each can comes complete with a carrying handle and a convenient aluminum scoop for ease of filling your dog's bowl.
  • Each tin can hold 10 pounds (small) , 20 pounds (medium) or 40 pounds (large) of dry dog food, making it easy to open a bag, store, and go. 
  • FDA Approved
  • Tin-Covered Steel
  • Aluminum Scoop Included

Mason Tin Dog Food Storage Size Chart
Size Capacity Dimentions
Small 10 lbs of food 10.25" W x 11.5' H
Medium 20 lbs of food 12.25" W X 14" H
Large 40 lbs of food 13.5"W x 19" H

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