Nylon Leashes

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Nylon Leashes

These leads are invaluable for any fashion conscious canine! Simple, comfortable, strong and available in every color under the sun, buy one of each so you can mix or match your dog's wardrobe, mood or function! Keep an extra Nylon Leash in the car for sudden emergencies like when you find a stray dog (also great for tying down loose objects in the car!). Our Nylon Leashes have a hundred uses and come in almost as many colors!

  • Choose from Bluebird, Parrot Green, Raspberry Sorbet, Tomato Red, Ultra Violet, Jet Black, Chocolate and Nautical Blue!
  • Available in two sizes - 4 ft x 5/8' and 6 ft x 1'!
  • Machine washable with mild detergent in a cold water wash; allow to air dry

Nylon Leashes Size Chart
Size Length Width
4 ft x 5/8 in 4' 5/8'
6 ft x 1 in 6' 1'

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