Orthopedic Caress Dog Bed Cover Only

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Orthopedic Caress Dog Bed Cover Only

The Orthopedic Caress Dog Bed Cover Only is made exclusively for the Orthopedic Caress Dog Bed.  Covers are made with 100% american made fabric and are made in the USA.  The cover is available in two options:

1) All over micro-velvet fabric (as shown).  Micro-velvet color options include: Oyster, Buckskin, Chocolate, Olive, Wine, or Charcoal


2) Camel faux fur top with micro-velvet on the sides and bottom.


Giant Orthopedic Dog Bed w/ Headrest Cover Only Size Chart
Size Dimensions
Small 40'L x 26'W x 8H
Medium 44'L x 29'W x 8H
Large 47'L x 32'W x 8H
Extra Large 50'L x 35'W x 8H


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