Pirate Squawker

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Pirate Squawker

'Avast ye scurvy dogs!' The Pirate Squeaker stands nearly sixteen inches tall and contains a squawker - a noise maker that will grab your pup's attention and hold it! Every dog needs a rubber chicken and make yours a little different - a rubber pirate chicken!

  • Nearly 16' long, has a peg leg, a patch of his left eye, a hook. a knife and a billy club - isn't this every dog's dream toy?
  • Dogs do best with a variety of shapes and textures in their toys - it keeps their attention fixed on what they should be playing with, not your new shoes!
  • Did Pirate Squawker find himself buried in the garden? Throw in a cold water wash for an easy clean up!

Pirate Squawker Size Chart
15 3/4'

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