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Precision Pin Raker
Precision Pin Raker
Precision Pin Raker

Precision Pin Raker

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The Precision Pin Raker effectively removes tangles and excessive undercoat fur. It can be used on double as well as double-thick coats. The ribbed rubber grip handle adds comfort without repetitive motion injury. The ergonomic handle of the Precision Pin Raker is contoured to fit your hand for added control. The stainless steel pins are specially designed for firmer strokes. The handle also lets your hand groom and brush in a natural position. The wide girth and the hardened steel pins glide through the coat easily and also remove dead and unwanted coat hair.

  • Ideal for professional groomers
  • Effectively removes tangles
  • Rubberized grip
  • Ergonomic handle is contoured to fit your hand
  • Stainless steel pins for firmer strokes
  • Removal of excess undercoat
  • Can be used on double-coats and double-thick coats
  • Comes in a blister pack
  • Rake head measures 4 1/3'L x 1 4/5'W

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