Pup Basics Water Bowl

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Pup Basics Water Bowl

Along with the Pup Basics Food Bowl, the Pup Basics Water Bowl keeps things simple - water here, food over there. The classic stone and black high gloss finish mixed with the simple paw prints give the bowl a certain class. The 'Water' on the side and the old fashioned spout on the bottom give this dish a unique and fun side your pooch and your visitors will love!


  • Available in two sizes although we always suggest with water dishes to always buy one size larger. then the food dish so your dog never runs dry!
  • See the Pup Basics Food Bowl for the matching set!
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe!

Pup Basics Water Bowl Size Chart
Size Diameter Capacity
Small 6' 2 Cups
Medium 8' 4 Cups

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