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Puppy Feeder Dishes
Puppy Feeder Dishes
Puppy Feeder Dishes

Puppy Feeder Dishes

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Ever see a litter of puppies eat? It's a full-body experience! If you give them a normal dog bowl, they end up with at least the front feet, if not all four, in the dish as they inadvertently push the food away from themselves in their effort to eat as much as possible before their littermates take their share! These flying saucer like dishes keep the food within the pups reach as well as preventing the fastest eating pup from getting the lion's share. Planning a litter soon? Order your Stainless Steel Puppy Feeder Dish today!

  • Available in two sizes: medium is perfect for litters of four and under; while the large is best for five or more pups. Expecting a large litter? Save yourself some work and order two right away? You will need it before they head off to their new homes!
  • Heavy duty stainless is chew and rust resistant safe for even the most rambunctious litters!
  • Dishwasher safe and bacteria resistant

Puppy Feeder Dishes Size Chart
Size Dimensions
Small 11 inches x 1.5" Deep (50 oz, 6 1/4 cups, 1.4L)
Medium 14 1/2 inches  x 2" Deep (100oz, 12 1/2 cups, 2.9L)

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