Sanitary Pet Scooper

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Sanitary Pet Scooper

Keep the job of scooping the yards at arms length, or, even better, at foot length away from your delicate sniffer! The Sanitary Pet Scooper comes as a shovel side version for concrete and a rake version for grass or gravel. Most importantly, they both make cleaning the yard an easy job. Scoop all poop into the shovel and dump the shovel into a garbage bag for tidy disposal.

  • Made of steel for solid durability and easy clean up
  • Telescoping arms make the easy to store and great for traveling!
  • Choose from the shovel style for concrete or hard surface clean up or the rake style for grass and gravel

Sanitary Pet Scooper Size Chart
Style Length Length (Disassembled) Pan Size
Rake 36' 19' 6 1/4'L x 5 3/4'W x 1'D
Shovel 36' 19' 6 1/4'L x 5 3/4'W x 1'D

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