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Split Elk Antler Chews - Oh My Dog Supply
Split Elk Antler Chews - Oh My Dog Supply
Split Elk Antler Chews - Oh My Dog Supply

Split Elk Antler Chews

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Freshest of the fresh! Deer, elk, and moose naturally shed their antlers yearly, leaving behind a tough, healthy treat dogs will love. Split Elk Antler Chews are hypo-allergenic treats that help provide high levels of protein, are a great source of calcium and minerals, may have regenerative effects on joint cartilage, aid in kidney function, improve wound healing, enrich pet coats, and help remove plaque and tartar through chewing. These top-quality antlers are much less likely to splinter than bones and lesser-quality antlers.

  • Split Elk Antlers have exposed marrow, the natural ingredient that attracts dogs to chew.
  • Aromatic to dogs, yet odorless to humans.
  • All-natural product.
  • Made in the USA.


Please note: Supervision of your pet is advised. Not intended for human consumption.

Sizes will vary due to the product being a natural animal by-product; the size of the animal has direct bearing on the size of the antler.



For Dogs



10-20 lbs

2" – 3"


20-40 lbs

4" – 5"


40-70 lbs

6" – 7"


70-100 lbs

8" – 9"


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