Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover

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Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover

Some pets enjoy car rides but only from the front seat. If this sounds like your pet, you should invest in a Bucket Seat Cover. This, along with the backrest cover, allows your pet to ride shotgun without leaving behind the typical pet mess, dirt, dander, and odor. 


  • Equipped with adjustable straps and stretch panels to keep it firmly in place in ALL VEHICLES.
  • Made from durable, heavy-gauge polyester material
  • Treated with Stain-Block the entire unit stays in place with no trouble.
  • The Bucket Seat Cover is great for any car, with dimensions.
  • The cover is machine washable for cleanliness convenience.
  • Each Bucket Seat Cover comes with a one year warranty. 

Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover Size Chart
Size Length Width Weight
Fits All 52' 22' 1.5 Lbs


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