Clearance Yellow Stoneware Dog Bowl

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Clearance Yellow Stoneware Dog Bowl

Like liquid sunshine, this buttery warm retro dog dish is sure to brighten your morning routine! Made to the exacting standards of the J.A.Bauer Pottery company, from the 1880's, this unique bowl is perfect for every kitchen and every canine!

  • The Yellow Stoneware Dog Bowl is available in a 3 1/2 cup capacity medium or a full 5 cup large size!
  • Made from the highest quality stoneware, this bowl is almost too good to put on the floor!
  • Dishwasher safe!

Yellow Stoneware Dog Bowl Size Chart
Size Diameter Height Bowl Capacity
Medium 7 1/2' 2' 3 1/2 cups
Large 9' 2 1/2' 5 cups

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