Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover

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Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover

Some pets enjoy car rides but only from the front seat. If this sounds like your pet, you should invest in a Bucket Seat Cover. The base is padded for a comfortable seat cushion of heavy cotton twill fabric that is soft but tough as nails. This, along with the backrest cover, allows your pet to ride shotgun without leaving behind the typical pet mess ? dirt, dander, and odor.

The Bucket Seat Cover is waterproof and treated with Stain-Block, and the entire unit stays in place with no trouble, secured by multiple elastic straps and a Sta-Put? device. The Bucket Seat Cover is great for any car, with dimensions of 52?x22? and a weigh of only 1.5 pounds, meaning it is portable and easy to use. Even more importantly, the seat cushion is removable, and the cover is machine washable for cleanliness convenience. Each Bucket Seat Cover comes with a one year warranty.

Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover Size Chart
Size Length Width Weight
Fits All 52' 22' 1.5 Lbs


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