Everything-Proof Rectangular Bed

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Everything-Proof Rectangular Bed

The Everything-Proof Collection uses NanoSphere? Technology to repel water, stains, bacteria and odors! Our Everything-Proof Rectangular Beds are a new spin on a classic! These beds feature a hypoallergenic fiber fill interior which bounces back to its original shape when your dog leaves. These machine washable beds are available in three size options for pets from 70 to 110 lbs. Choose from six color options, perfect for any decor.

  • Water, Odor and Stain-Resistant dog beds are perfect for messy pets and promote a comfy, deep sleep.
  • Choose from six color options.
  • Machine washable, use the gentle cycle.Use a very small amount of detergent. NEVER use fabric softener, bleach or dryer sheets when washing this product! Tumble dry on high heat.

*NanoSphere? Technology comes from nature... notice how certain leaves always stay clean and substances bead off of them? This is because of their finely structured surfaces. The same ideals were used to create these one-of-a-kind products. Bacteriostatic reduces the spread of bacteria, meaning no more dog smell or harmful bacterial infections for your pet. Plus, these products are bluesign? approved. The bluesign? guidelines are based on the toughest environment, health & safety regulations in the wo

Everything-Proof Rectangular Bed Size Chart
Size Length Width Weight Capacity
Medium 30' 40' 70 lbs.
Large 36' 48' 100 lbs.





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