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About Us

We sell unique dog gear that you won't find in the local mega-stores.  That's what we do. We find the best made, most stylish, and most fun dog products and offer them to you at affordable prices with free shipping on most orders.

Our customers and their dogs are the types that spend extra time to carefully select things that make them happy and reflect their personal sense of style.

Our customers enjoy shopping with small businesses with passionate expertise on their products, rather than buying from a corporate big box retailer that picks their products based on profit margin.

Our customers appreciate high quality and superior craftsmanship and don't mind spending a few dollars more to get the good stuff, as opposed to saving a few bucks by getting an overseas knockoff.

If that sounds like you, we hope you'll be our customer too.  We started this small company in 2006 without knowing if there were enough dog owners out there that would buy premium dog gear.  Well... it's many years later, and we're thrilled that so many people care enough to get the best for their pet.

We hope to ship something to you soon!