Contoured Grip Flea Comb

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Contoured Grip Flea Comb

The Contoured Grip Flea Comb comes with closely placed pins which remove fleas, flea eggs, and other dirt easily from your pet?s coat without pulling on the hair. It also takes care of sensitive skin and protects it from irritation. The entire comb is really small with a length of 3 inches and easily fits in the pocket. The ergonomic flea comb comes with a plastic handle which fits the hand perfectly and helps combing without fatigue. This flea comb is perfect for grooming and the contoured grip allows greater control. The flea comb also has a loop which helps in hanging the comb always within easy reach.

  • Length: 3
  • So small it fits in a pocket
  • Ergonomic flea comb
  • The contoured grip of the plastic handle fits the hand perfectly
  • Close pins easily remove fleas, flea eggs, and debris
  • Perfect for grooming
  • Has a loop for convenient hanging

Contoured Grip Flea Comb Size Chart

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