Dog Coat Stripping Knives

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Dog Coat Stripping Knives

Our Dog Coat Stripping Knives make it simple to groom pet?s undercoat! Choose from four different strippers including Coarse, Fine, Medium and Detailing. Non-slip grips allow for excellent control, while the riveted handles provide durability. Each stripper features stainless steel teeth that remove hair with ease!

  • Choose from Coarse, Fine, Medium and Detailing!
  • Stainless steel teeth, non-slip grip and riveted handles provide quality and control!
  • Coarse, Fine and Medium strippers measure 6 ?? inches, and detailing stripper measures 5 5/8 inches.

  • Dog Coat Stripping Knives Size Chart
    Style Length
    Coarse 6 3/4'
    Fine 6 3/4'
    Detailing 5 5/8'
    Medium 6 3/4'

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