Ergonomic Dematting Comb

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Ergonomic Dematting Comb

The Ergonomic Dematting Comb tackles tough mats with ease and comfort and also maintains the coat length. The thick rubber handles and razor-sharp hardened steel blades make this comb a grooming essential. The handle is specially designed to reduce the risk of repetitive motion injury and provides a firm grip. The innovative pistol grip handle helps keep your hand in a natural position to avoid exertion. The Rake-Style tool further adds to the comfort in managing an unmanageable coat.

  • Number of blades: 9 & 12
  • Razor sharp hardened steel blades
  • Thick rubber handles for comfort
  • Specially designed for groomers
  • Reduce the risk of repetitive motion injury
  • Rake-style tool
  • Tackles unmanageable hair
  • Comb-Style tool
  • Innovative pistol grip
  • Ribbed non-slip rubber coating
  • Double-bonded handles will not come off
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Measures 6 3/4', the blades are 1 7/8' and set 3/16'

Ergonomic Dematting Comb Size Chart
Number of Blades
9 Blades
12 Blades

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