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Food to Shelter

Oh My Dog Supply is partnering with dog rescues and shelters all over the US to provide bags of food for dogs in need. Our mission is to feed 1+ Million dogs to help the amazing folks that run these life-saving shelters. 

 Facts you might not know:
    • On average, shelters in the US can house up to 150 to 300 animals a day.
    • That's 54,000 - 108,000 mouths to feed over the course of a year!
    • An average of 1.2 cups of food a day are fed to shelter dogs. At 225 dogs per month that works out to be  270 meals a day or 8,100 meals a month! Each bag holds 160 cups of food, which means a shelter needs 51 bags to feed all those dogs in need.
    • At  $41.95 a bag that works out to be $2,139 a month or $25,673 a year in food alone. 
Now, if you skimmed over all that math, all you really need to know is that shelters need a lot of food to keep these dogs fed each year, and they still need to pay for things like cleaning supplies, bowls, beds, toys and utilities to run the place and all this adds up fast.

How Oh My Dog Supply Food to Shelter program works:
  • Each month we will feature four shelters and their dogs that are up for adoption.
  • All the products on our site are marked with how many meals they will provide to shelters and rescues to feed dogs in need when purchased.
  • At the end of the month, we'll total up all the orders and calculate the total number of mouths you have helped to feed.
  • We'll then send the bags of dog food directly to the shelters and dog rescues.
  • Everyone that made a purchase will be notified of the goal that was accomplished that month. This goal will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well, so be sure too follow us to track out progress!
  • This program is 100% free to any shelter or dog rescue and anyone can submit to be part of the program,  just contact us via Facebook Messanger here.
Product Purchased # of mouths you will feed by purchasing each product
Beds 20 - 32
Feeders 15 - 20
Clothing 7 -12
Mugs / Bags 5 -7
Accessories 7-12
Toys 5 - 10

7 - 16

Please help us reach our goal to feed 1+ million dogs this year and beyond. We have a lofty goal but I know with your help we can get there!