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The biggest lie pet stores tell you?

The lady who purchased them from a local pet store did so because she felt she needed to save them from the conditions she found in the store. She said the cat’s litter box was full of feces (she also purchased the cat), dead fish were in the fish tanks and the Shelties were going kennel crazy and had little to no bedding in their cages. She also described the two birds in the store as missing feathers and looking distressed. The store, she said, was dirty and smelled. Pet stores pay for pups, then pay to have them vaccinated, checked and wormed. Pet stores then greatly inflate the cost of the puppies, knowing that if one doesn’t sell quick they can lower the price many, many, times before reaching a point where they are not making profit. Some pet stores are part of a chain, if a pup doesn’t sell in one location, they can move it to another. If athey could not sell a pup, even for a break even price, they would rather give it away, than return it to their supplier, because eventually a supplier would not be willing to work with that store if they kept getting unsold pups returned. A veterinarian would not be so willing to euthanize puppies left, right, and sideways, simply because it did not “sell”, there are plenty of rescue groups that willingly take small dogs, which most pet store pups are. Even in cases where pet stores get pups from animal shelters (see below) they are not automatically euthanized when returned to a shelter. Shelters give puppies a long time to get adopted, the stay at the pet store might only be a small part of their time up for adoption. Once a shelter has had a puppy vaccinated and so forth, they are in no rush to kill it. Pet Stores are not highly ethical, they don’t do home checks to make sure the animals are well placed.Puppy Mills breed over and over for the purpose of profit, in some of the worst cases the dogs live in cages stacked on top one another, breeding over and over, living in filth, until they can no longer reproduce. A reputable breeder always wanting pups before even breeding their dogs and potential buyers can see, at least the mother dog.

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The biggest lie pet stores tell you ? No Dog About It Blog

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