Older dogs often require a lot more care than puppies and younger dogs do. You can help improve your dog’s aging lifestyle by following a few simple tips. Not only will your dog live healthier longer, but you’ll feel better too knowing that you are making your old buddy as comfortable through life as you can.

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5 tips to improve your older dog’s life | InsideNova

If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know how crazy and strange their behavior may seem. From rubbing their butts on the carpet to barking at plastic bags in trees, dogs often don’t seem to make any sense at all. Read on, and see if you can understand your own pooch’s strange behavior a little better.

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Strange Behaviors in Dogs | Petside

Moving to a new home and having pets don’t always mix. Sometimes, pets can get confused in all the commotion and get hurt or lost. Avoid these types of situations by simply following a few tips. Not only will your pet be safer in the move, but you’ll have peace of mind as well knowing that you did your best to protect them.

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Moving Tips: Don’t let pets wander when moving in

Caring for your pets means knowing what makes them healthy. It also means knowing the warning signs of illness or pain. There are many online sources to help you find what you need to ensure that your pets always stay healthy, and the Pet Health Care Gazette aims to help you keep track of your pets’ health so they are always by your side!

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Written by a dog owner, this article discusses whether a dog can adjust to living in a high-density area like a high-rise and how dogs can be trained to behave better. A certified dog trainer is interviewed and she discusses various training methods. The article also briefly covers how a condo association may weed out owners of problematic dogs, since addressing behavior after a move-in is also difficult.

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Can a dog live happily in a high-rise? – CNN.com

Over a couple of years, pet ownership has decreased to a significant number.The reasons are both economy and demographic . Unlike earlier,fewer Americans are living in families and a dead dog is not being replaced by a new one because of cost reasons. Few people believe that this situation is only because of the economy.

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Pet ownership declines, but more households loyal to dogs | Lifestyles | Detroit Free Press | freep.com

Ever wonder how an ex soldier adjustments after returning to his civilian life affecting with post traumatic stress disorder. An organization, ‘This Able Veteran’ pairs veterans dealing with injuries in their civilian lives with service dogs. Kevin MacDonald of Vienna served in the Army and was injured in a peacekeeping mission said his service dog has made a major impact. “I never thought there would be a difference,” he said. “But having a trained dog, he actually could tell the other day when I was getting a migraine, so I was pretty impressed.”

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