Sir Poops

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Sir Poops

Left at birth, Sir Poops could not believe no one would want him! Lonely, left in the hot sun, he was left to dehydrate with little hope of survival. With each dog that passed, he dreamed that he would not be so dried out that he would not be recognized as family. Luck landed upon Sir Poops when a squall washed him into a drainage system where we was able to drift his way to a store by you. Please adopt Sir Poops and give him the company he craves. Reunite him with the dog that will love him in the way only a dog can!

This toy is designed for interactive play only and is a not chew toy.

  • Ten inches of poo-like reality!
  • Great party toy!
  • Dishwasher safe - give him the odd cleaning to keep him happy and smiling!

Sir Poops Size Chart
Length Width
10' 2'

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