Sir Tuffness Rooster

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Sir Tuffness Rooster

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Sir Tuffness is not just any rooster. He is designed to discourage random chewing by having no sharp edges for your dog to latch onto. In saying that, Sir Tuffness also looks like he could lose a pound or two...although maybe all the better for your holiday dinner!

Please keep in mind, this toy is designed for interactive play and is not a chew toys and is not guaranteed due to it's detailed construction.

  • Sizing is perfect for your medium to large breed dog at nine inches in length and eight inches in height!
  • Hard edges promote the desire to chew and notice this toy has no hard edges - a great way to discourage chewing!
  • Machine wash in cold water and allow to air day
  • Vet recommended and approved!

Sir Tuffness Rooster Size Chart
Length Width Height
9' 4' 8'

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