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My Life As A Dog Blog

Rock and Roll Puppy

There's not much to say about this video besides that it's adorable and that I've watched it 5 times in a row!  

French Bulldog Says "I Love You!"

There is perhaps nothing cuter than a pet French bulldog puppy – except a French bulldog puppy that talks. Petsami has posted a video of ...

This Dachshund Puppy VS. Crab Video Makes Us Long for the Beach

I hate to admin that I spent the last 10 minutes watching this video 3 times in a row when I could have been doing, you know, real work! &n...

The Dolphin Dog?

Dogs are extraordinary companions that often lead pretty dull lives with their owners, but there is one dog named Kira, who has extraordinary owne...

George Brett Shines a Spotlight on Dogs Left in Cars

Major League Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett is now going to bat for our canine friends. Specifically, the former Kansas City Royals st...

Dog Survives Three Weeks Adrift at Sea After Losing His Owner

Nathan Moody, volunteer with BASRA found a dog named Dingo at sea in abandoned boat. The Atlantic Animal Hospital in Wilmington is caring for...

Little Dog Carries Cat Home

  Fireman's Carry!  Check out this crazy little dog pick up this cat, sling it over his shoulders, and bring it home like a man's ma...